protect the art at all costs

Besame wrote some cool shit for the SF Moma Open Space. Here are some lil snipits. 

I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful young creatives, cats, +dads. I’m tryna commemorate our scene in this moment in time because it’s raw af.

These photos are by Amir Aziz

So in lieu of documenting our lives, here are some of my favorite dads in the bae area.

Being a yung dad is not an easy feat. Dads must be quick on their feet. They have to be dexterous—balanced, yet adept and driven. Yung dads are smooth. They are what you would imagine a real suave-ass dad to be like, but say 10 years younger, without children, and still ballin.

Yung dads often take to their creative tendencies. A successful day for a dad includes at least one full lab session. A successful week for a dad entails labbin at least once, every dam dae. It’s real, but it’s the only sustainable way sometimes.


Sometimes you gotta push until you see the results you want.

And even if life can be a struggle, at least we keep it live.